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 DREAM Clients..."

"If That's You...I WILL PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One To Help Speed Up Your Success Over The Next 6 Months so that you can live Active & Adventurously "

STEP 1: Watch The Video Right Now & See How K7 Coaching Supports Clients

Val Cap
Esteban's coaching impacted not only my physical health, but other areas in my life because I understood how some of my unconscious beliefs were dictating certain habits and ways of being that were present in my business, relationships and in other life areas.
Why 1 on 1 Coaching Makes Sense:

Private Video Call

Meet at your convenience and identify what's in the way of your goals then squash that.  Weekly discrete and private video calls so that you can have a step by step plan that will create wins every week.

Custom - Mindset Coaching

Train your mind to become a magnet for massive success through our coaching, support, strategic training, accountability, and support team.

You’ll have the tools you need to anchor supportive habits and overcome any previous sabotaging behaviours.

Custom Nutrition Coaching

Here is the Perfect Solution if You Want To Get Rid of Counting Calories Forever.  There is a specific sequence that needs to happen when designing meals and the timing of when to eat the food...with this, there is no having to figure it out, just follow my custom plans.

Custom Fitness Programs

My Proven Fitness Programs if you want to be FIT for all your Active Adventures, even if you can barely do a situp right now.  We keep it fun yet straight forward on only what's needed for you to see and feel your best. any of the below could apply

* Unlimited in person fitness sessions (on location - Westerville, OH)
* Unlimited LIVE virtual sessions
* On Demand Video Coaching
* custom strength program - app
What a few of our 1 on 1 Clients have to say...

Rachel Palmer

 It felt AWESOME to hit my goal ahead of schedule!
I set a goal, stayed focused, and gave it all I had…and I won the National Captivating Ambassador title, Photogenic Award and Best Interview Attire Award! My heart is still pounding!

 Esteban - thank you for keeping me focused on my health and fitness so I could achieve my goals and crush it! 💪🏼

Kristin Woodward

the coolest part about having personal 1 on 1 training/coaching, we get to the bottom of why I’m sluggish or not wanting the greens or dying to have the cheeseburger. The mindset coaching has been what’s been missing from anyone else I’ve ever worked with!
The value I have received is incomparable to the many other programs I’ve done.

Val Cap

 I made the decision to hire a health coach because there is so much conflicting information available about healthy lifestyles and frankly, I didn't want to spend countless hours trying to figure out what was best for my body and my personal goals
It was never about reaching a specific number on the scale (been there, done that in my 20s). It was about feel strong, healthy, vibrant and energized. And I wanted to feel good in my own skin, in my clothes and great about wearing a bikini in my 40s again! Mission accomplished. 

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